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Differing from traditional credit cards available to your members, The PayCard was engineered to smoothly handle all aspects of managing and paying healthcare expenses for themselves, loved ones and even their pets.

The PayCard

the paycard credit card

Get approved within seconds

It’s simple, and that was intentional. Members apply for The PayCard, get approved within seconds*, and can start to pay healthcare and veterinary expenses immediately.

We are proud to contribute to the enhancement of the healthcare payments ecosystem too. The health-centered credit card can be offered by doctors to their patients at the time of service. Under that scenario, applicants would be directed to a participating credit union for membership qualifications. It’s a win-win. 


Are you interested in offering a safety net for your members’ wallets?

The PayCard provides freedom for medical care.

cu healthcare paycard credit card

Freedom To Control Medical Decisions

There’s a reason your members trust their financial well-being with your institution – their needs come first. The PayCard was designed with your members in mind too by providing freedom to control their medical decisions. 

Ability to earn $1,000 cash back annually on medical spend

Accepted anywhere for medical services, veterinary care and medical equipment

Can be utilized to pay for prescriptions and insurance premiums

Generous credit line to offset gap in insurance coverage

Credit union-friendly interest rate (lower than card industry average)

HSA Integration  (patent pending)

Ability to negotiate “cash” price with medical provider

Approval within seconds with digital card issued for immediate use (physical card follows)

Savings up to 85% on retail prescription costs

Financial wellness with budget counseling when needed

Advocacy related to medical billing details upon request

Up to $5,000 for medical expenses related to an accident and up to $5,000 towards accidental death insurance coverage 

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