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As a trusted credit union leader,

Adding value to your members’ experience with your financial institute is your constant priority. That’s where we come in. As a Credit Union Service Organization, we specialize in innovative financial solutions. 

We’re excited to introduce a new solution benefiting your credit union and your members’ overall wellness, both physically and financially: The PayCard, a credit card designed specifically for healthcare expenses. 

In the past year, someone avoided recommended medical care in about one-third of U.S. households because of the cost.

About 70% of American households have less than $1,000 available to help cover unexpected medical costs.


CU Healthcare PayCard created The PayCard™

a credit card that enhances the healthcare payments ecosystem, solving medical provider challenges, and most importantly protecting credit union members’ financial well-being.

cu healthcare paycard credit card


Are you interested in investing for your credit union and members?

Take the next step to enhance your members’ experience!

cu healthcare paycard credit card
the paycard credit card

Medical Centered Credit Card

Your members will have medical expenses. The PayCard provides a solid path toward greater security and financial well-being. Our medical centered credit card can serve as a financial safety net for the entire family’s healthcare and veterinary expenses for day-to-day health activities, preventive care, unforeseen emergencies, and more.

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